Who We Are


Our mission to create a better pet food comes from the respect and love we have for our own cats and dogs…and our desire to contribute to their healthier, happier and longer lives. At the heart of every bag of ABOUND is our commitment to delivering a meal that’s naturally nutritious and delicious through all natural ingredients, high quality proteins, wholesome whole grains, and nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits.


Commitment to quality.

We take our commitment to quality seriously. We believe our cats and dogs should have access to the same kind of quality nutrition that the rest of our family members do. That’s why high-quality proteins, nutrient-rich vegetables and wholesome whole grains, make up every delicious bowl of ABOUND.

Nourishment. Delivered Naturally.

While all cat and dog foods must meet certain standards for nutritional content, at ABOUND we believe that the best nourishment is delivered when nutrients come from natural, high-quality sources. That’s why we use real, high-quality proteins, wholesome whole grains, vegetables and fruits in all our ABOUND foods and treats. It’s truly wholesome nutrition, delivered naturally.

Experience you can trust.

We have witnessed with our own eyes and hearts the difference high-quality, all natural nutrition can make in the lives of our own dogs and cats. We would feed our cats and dogs nothing less!