Our Nutrition Philosophy


Good food takes time to prepare. We have spent a great deal of time carefully selecting the highest-quality ingredients for our ABOUND food and treats, and preparing them in a way that delivers optimum nutrition for cats and dogs. NO fillers like corn, soy or wheat, NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and NO animal by-product meal. In short, NO short cuts and NO compromises.


Understanding the fundamental difference between food and nutrition is the key ingredient in our mission to create high-quality pet food. Working with a team of nutritionists and food scientists, ABOUND cat and dog foods were developed to go above and beyond standard pet foods. What makes ABOUND different is the all-natural, high-quality ingredients that go into our food, and that we prepare our food in a way that naturally delivers optimal nutrition for dogs and cats.


ABOUND food and treats utilize the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected and sourced to meet our rigorous standards for food safety. And not only are the high quality ingredients that we use important but how we blend those ingredients is even more important. ABOUND’s scientific blend provides all the nutrients needed for a healthy and happy pet. Feeding ABOUND to your pet is just like feeding a well-balanced meal to your family. Proper levels of protein, fat, fiber, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are carefully monitored to ensure everything your pet demands is built into our ultra-premium foods. Plus, for our dry food, each kibble starts off with a high quality meat source as its number one ingredient for added taste and flavor. Careful controls and processes are used to ensure every kibble is properly cooked just as a person would do in their own kitchen.


Just as important as the ingredients we use is the ingredients we don’t use. ABOUND Cat and Dog Food contains: